About Us

Taco Town was founded with the idea of doing tacos differently. Our desire is to treat our customers to top-notch tacos made using our unique Mexican recipes. Everything cooked and served at out food truck is made using only the freshest ingredients because of our commitment to providing the best tacos around. At Taco Town, we invite you to join us for appetizing food, served fast by a friendly staff, in our authentic Mexican style food truck.


By using only the freshest ingredients and cooking all of our food from scratch each day, we are able to serve our customers tasty food that is also healthy. This starts with fresh ingredients. From our tender beef shoulder to our all white-meat chicken breast to a bone-in pork shoulder: all three are hand-rubbed with a unique blend of spices and oven roasted to tenderness so that they can be hand-pulled before making their way onto the menu. All of our salsas are made from scratch daily using fresh produce, made with hand-picked spices and ingredients. We believe that preparing all of our food fresh each day provides our customers with a great experience.


Ground Spices

Some spices give that unique flavor
to the food only if they are grounded.
Our chef understand this and that is
why he grounds the spices.

Whole Spices

Other spices if ground take over  with
their flavor, but we only need a touch of
that flavor so we don’t ground them. only a pinch of their flavor is all we need.

Fresh Herbs

Every time our chef is going to cook he hand-picks all the herbs he is going to used, looking for the freshest and most aromatic hers that will go in the food.